Help your business respond to policy changes

  • Monitoring policy developments in the United States and globally.

  • Executive briefings on legal, regulatory, and policy issues to enhance understanding of policy changes and improve decision making.

  • In-depth research reports on legal, regulatory, and policy issues.

  • Summaries and analysis of policy and regulatory developments.

The Business Policy Report by JVM Advisory

The Business Policy Report provides updates, analysis, and commentary on policy developments that impact business. Our policy updates, executive briefings, and policy analysis help executives identify and understand emerging issues and policy trends that impact their industries and markets.

Subscribers to our free newsletter receive a weekly report on the top policy developments that business leaders should monitor. Paid subscribers receive two executive briefings per month, providing analysis of legal, regulatory, or policy issues. These briefings help managers anticipate and analyze political and regulatory changes, develop risk mitigation strategies, facilitate discussion and decision making, and improve business decisions in response to policy and regulatory changes.

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Helping business leaders respond to policy changes.